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99% Human Growth HGH 191AA Blue Tops Hormone HGH Powder for Weight Loss

99% Human Growth HGH 191AA Blue Tops Hormone HGH Powder for Weight Loss

    • 99% Human Growth HGH 191AA Blue Tops Hormone HGH Powder for Weight Loss
    • 99% Human Growth HGH 191AA Blue Tops Hormone HGH Powder for Weight Loss
  • 99% Human Growth HGH 191AA Blue Tops Hormone HGH Powder for Weight Loss


    Place of Origin: CHINA
    ชื่อแบรนด์: SENDI
    ได้รับการรับรอง: GMP, ISO9001 ,BP, USP
    Model Number: HGH


    Minimum Order Quantity: 10vial
    ราคา: $1/mg
    Packaging Details: 2mg/vial
    Delivery Time: within 24 hours after payment
    Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram,Bitcoin,T/T, L/C
    Supply Ability: 1000kg/week
    Name: HGH 191AA Specification: GMP, FDA
    CAS: 9002-72-6 MF: C990H1528N262O300S7
    Appearance: white powder Type: Pharmaceutical Intermediates
    Model No: Peptide Assay: 99%

    99% Human Growth HGH 191AA Blue Tops Hormone HGH Powder for Weight Loss


    191AA HGH reviews


    HGH 191AA



    Feature: high bioactivity, high stability, high purity, 191 aa
    Molecular formula: C990H1528N262O300S7
    Formula weight: 22125D
    Category: White Lyophilized Powder

    Storage: Lyophilized peptides although stable at room temperature for 3 months, should be stored desiccated below -18° C. Upon reconstitution of the peptide it should be stored at 4° C between 2-21 days and for future use below -18° C.

    99% Human Growth HGH 191AA Blue Tops Hormone HGH Powder for Weight Loss


    What is HGH 191AA?


    Growth hormone (GH), also known as somatotropin (or as human growth hormone [hGH or HGH] in its human form), is a peptide hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration in humans and other animals. It is thus important in human development. It is a type of mitogen which is specific only to certain kinds of cells. Growth hormone is a 191-amino acid, single-chain polypeptide that is synthesized, stored, and secreted by somatotropic cells within the lateral wings of the anterior pituitary gland.


    There is no such thing as "the best HGH" the substance is either real growth hormone (somatropin) or it is NOT! Human growth hormone is a very fragile, large molecule which is comprised of 191 amino acids, linked in very specific order and shaped to very specific form. In that regard there is no room for differences!


    99% Human Growth HGH 191AA Blue Tops Hormone HGH Powder for Weight Loss


    HGH 191AA  usage


    its shows units also. that is what GH is measured in. 2-10IU is a typical dose, id start @ 2-4iu and move up. you will need to be on this stuff for 5-8 months to see good effects.

    I re con peptides 1ml BAC water to 2mg peptides. slow drip the BAC down the side of the vial when re conning.


    If your goal is only to build muscles faster then IGF-1 is better. If you prefer the overall body rejuvenation as well as gradual muscle building, then HGH is better.


    Does your body respond to IGF-1 or are you one of the non-responders like myself? If you are a responder, then IGF-1 is better for you, otherwise HGH is the way to go.


    Unfortunately there is no way of knowing if your body will respond to the IGF-1 long R3 until you give it a try. On the other hand everybody responds to HGH, but the muscle building effects are more gradual when compared with IGF-1.


    How to used to reconstitute the human growth hormone ?


    Plain sterile water for injection is the best diluent for somatropin. If at all possible you should use it. Alternatively HGH can be mixed with bacteriostatic water (0.9% sodium chloride), normal saline (0.9% NaCl) or water containing 0.9% (9 mg/mL) of benzyl alcohol.

    1. Using an insulin type syringe you first pull 1 ml of sterile water into the syringe and inject it into the growth hormone powder vial.


    2. Do not inject directly into the powder with force but rather let the water gently slide down the inside wall of the vial. Do not shake the vial. Injecting with force into the powder or shaking will damage the HGH molecules.


    3. After the water is injected into the HGH vial, there will be a few small lumps of powder remaining for a few minutes. Just put the vial into the refrigerator and leave it there for a while.


    4. After about 30 minutes, all of the powder should be dissolved into clear liquid, ready for injection.



    Additional information


    Payment terms


    Western union , Money gram, Bank transfer and Bitcoin

    Min order quantity


    1 KIT



    Sent out within 8 hours after payment confirmed

    Lead time


    3-7 work days



    Disguised package or as required






    Express Courier(EMS,DHL,TNT,FedEX)



    Multiple items ordered one time



    Larger quantity of each item

    Resend policy




    99% Human Growth HGH 191AA Blue Tops Hormone HGH Powder for Weight Loss

    Peptides&Human growth-hormone Product list





    CJC-1295DAC 863288-34-0



    PT-141 32780-32-8






    GHRP-6 87616-84-0



    Hexarelin 140703-51-1






    pentadecapeptide BPC 157



    Triptorelin Acetate



    Tesamorelin 106612-94-6






    Carbetocin Acetate 37025-55-1

    (1G / foil bag)


    EGF 62253-63-8

    (1KG / fluorinated bottle)


    Thymosin α1 Acetate 62304-98-7

    (1G / polypeptide tube)











    GHRP-2 158861-67-7



    Ipamorelin 170851-70-4



    Sermorelin 86168-78-7



    TB500 75591-33-4



    H-G-H Fragment 176-191



    Gonadorelin Acetate 34973-08-5



    DSIP 62568-57-4



    AOD-9604 221231-10-3

    (1G / foil bag)


    Desmopressin acetate 16789-98-3

    (1G / foil bag)


    Eptifibatide 188627-80-7

    (1G / foil bag)




    We will do our best to satisfied you:

    1. Low MOQ: No worry about the big MOQ.
    2. Good Service: Clients are treated as friend.
    3. Good Quality: We have strict quality control system .Good reputation in the market.
    4. Fast Delivery: Fast response and handling.
    5. Strong cooperation:with DHL,TNT,UPS,FEDEX,EMS.Or you also can choose your own shipping frwarder
    6. All inquiries will be replied within 12hours.


    Brands GH:

    Name Spe
    H GH: Blue top (red ,green,yellow) 10iu/vial,10vials/box
    Kig 10iu/vial,10vials/box
    Hum atropin (with antifake number ) 10iu/vial,10vials/box
    Hum atropin (with antifake number ) 8iu/vial,25vial/box
    Hyg etropin 10iu/vial,10vials/box
    Hyg etropin 8iu/vial,25vial/box
    Rip Tropin 10iu/vial,10vial/box
    LR3 1mg/vial,10vial/box




    NO Product Name Purity CAS
    1 MK-2866 99% 841205-47-8
    2 MK-677 99% 159752-10-0
    3 RAD 140 99% 1182367-47-0
    4 LGD-4033 99% 1165910-22-4
    5 AICAR 99% 2627-69-2
    6 SR9009 99% 1379686-30-2
    7 GW-501516 99% 317318-70-0
    8 ANDARINE S4 99% 401900-40-1
    9 YK 11 99% 1370003-76-1


    NO Product Name Purity CAS
    1 Sunifiram 99% 314728-85-3
    2 Coluracetam 99% 135463-81-9
    3 PRL-8-53 99% 51352-87-5
    4 NSI-189 99% 1270138-40-3
    5 Fasoracetam 99% 110958-19-5
    6 IDRA-21 99% 22503-72-6
    7 Unifiram 99% 272786-64-8
    8 Noopept 99% 157115-85-0
    9 pramiracetam 99% 68497-62-1
    10 Piracetam 99% 7491-74-9
    11 Oxiracetam 99% 62613-82-5
    12 Aniracetam 99% 72432-10-1
    13 L-Theanine 99% 3081-61-6
    14 Alpha GPC 99% 28319-77-9
    15 Sulbutiamine 99% 3286-46-2




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